My Antonia

identify briefly Mrs. Shimerda, Mr.Shimerda, Ambrosch, Yulka , and Marek.

from My Antonia

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Mrs. Shimerda

Ántonia's mother is a boastful and demanding woman, even though her family is poor in America. Her household habits appall Jim's grandmother.

Mr. Shimerda

Ántonia's father used to be an educated musician back in his native Bohemia and is unhappy in his new country, where he knows nothing about farming. He loves Ántonia dearly but kills himself in the middle of the family's first winter in America.

Ambrosch Shimerda

Ántonia's brother is kind of a brute, although his religious piety comes out after his father's suicide. He makes Ántonia work the land and is sometimes stingy about supporting her.

Yulka Shimerda - The youngest of the Shimerda children. Yulka is a pretty, young girl who later helps Ántonia raise her baby.

Marek Shimerda - The younger of the two Shimerda brothers. Marek’s physical deformities are accompanied by a handful of psychological instabilities and mental deficiencies.