My Antonia

chapter t provides little action. rather it is a portrait of a well-ordered family in a new land. describe the burdens farm life?

book 1 chapters 1-5

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Before bed, Grandfather reads in a resonant voice from the Bible for everyone in the household. The next day Jim begins to explore his new environment. Outside, their frame house is surrounded by sod houses and dugouts, and Jim looks out at the windmill, corncribs, and huge cornfield.

There is red grass everywhere, and it seems like everything is in constant motion. Jim accompanies his grandmother, who is carrying a cane as protection against snakes, to the garden, and he feels like he is at the end of the world. After warning him about snakes, Grandmother leaves Jim to play in the garden. He has a feeling of lightness and content and sits down to watch the insects. He feels completely happy and at one with the earth.