Much Ado About Nothing


Speech and convo in Much Ado About nothing is important cuz many of the characters have their own way of speaking. How does that

(the speech patterns) differ to bring out effects?

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Speech patterns and modes of conversation are an integral part of Much Ado About nothing. Conversation tells us a lot about the characters and their relationships others. Characters can amuse us, impress us, and even deceive us with their dialog. An example of this would be the character of Hero, she uses different language depending upon who she's with, adjusting her speech and conversation to best fit her needs and their own. Hero is a conventional upper class woman, her use of language is courtly around men, although like the proper women she is, she rarely speaks unless spoken too. However, when socializing with the women she's slightly like a chatter box, allowing her true personality to come out uncensored.


Much Ado About Nothing