Much Ado About Nothing


Hi, can anybody help me? I have to write a tragedy end of much ado about nothing.

Can anybody write it for me, it is my homework for friday. I am from germany and my english is not very good.

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Much ado about nothing is a tragic comedy. In the play the beginning is very exhilarating. Hero who is a very quiet ,placid young girl falls in love with Claudio a hndsome young man. Their relationship was established by Don Pedro's help but their dreams of having a "happy ever after " was almost shuttered by actions of Don John which were an aftermath of his melancholy and enmity for his own brother. This causes an abrupt turn of tides which results in humilation of Hero and her father Leonato at her wedding . With the help of Leonato and Friar a mechanism is made where they pretend Hero is dead. Claudio sadly then marries Hero and the is calm established again.