Much Ado About Nothing

Act II, Scene I: At the end of the scene Don Pedro devises a plan to pass the time before the wedding, what is this plan?

Can you give quotations with their line number?

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Claudio and Leonato agree to hold the wedding in one week, and in the meantime Don Pedro tells them they will contrive to get Benedick and Beatrice to fall in love. Claudio and Hero agree to participate in the plot.

I, with your two helps, will so practice on Benedick
that, in despite of his quick wit and his queasy stomach, he
shall fall in love with Beatrice. If we can do this, Cupid is no
longer an archer; his glory shall be ours, for we are the only
love gods. Go in with me, and I will tell you my drift. Act 2 sc 1



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