Mrs. Warren's Profession

Describe Vivie's idea of morality.

Vivie's idea of morality

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Vivie's morals are rooted in being true to oneself. She denies marriage proposals from Frank and Crofts simply because she does not want to be married. She refuses to continue her relationship with her mother because it would not make her happy. She works all the time rather than taking vacations like Praed because she prefers it. Simply doing what will allow her to respect herself is motivation enough, and she ends up despising her mother when she realizes that Mrs. Warren's motivations differ. Deep down, her mother reveals that she believes her line of work to be wrong, yet she continues to participate in it. Therefore, Vivie accuses her mother of being "a conventional woman at heart" (104), despite her unconventional profession. Her mother "should not have lived one life and believed in another" (104), but rather committed to being true to herself.


I don't know, Jane Warren's got it though