Moll Flanders

Describle the growth/ development of Moll's character through out the novel.

the development of her character as in changing her profession from robbery to prostitute, etc.

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Moll is never really developed as a character, but she is a survivor, and her character is filled with energy and determination. She isn't "evil," but she is moral either. It's all about money and security, but once those things are realized and she feels secure....... she allows her goodness to shine through.

Moll goes through many phases; she's a thief and prostitute, and later becomes the perfect model of a wife. Known for her beauty, she's well educated and has impeccable manners (she learned from those she served as a maid). Along the way, there are certain behaviors she always shunned; abortion was out of the question (although she wasn't religious), violence was not something she'd engage in, and her religious zeal changed with her circumstances........ while in prison she was extremely religious, when out of prison...... it took a back seat to everything else.

Outside of this....... like I said before; she doesn't develop much. Moll is simply Moll. She's ambitious, beautiful, and know what she wants, but she doesn't form any attachments along the way to keep her from getting what she wants.


Moll Flanders

"isn't" moral sorry........