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Did somebody read "A vintage affair" by Isabel Wolff - i really need some help with the essay

I have to do an essay about an modern novel after 2000 , so i have chosen "A vintage affair" by Isabel Wolff , but i really need some help ... can someone help me? Thank you ! 

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This really is a short answer forum so there isn't room on this forum to help with the designing of essays. If you have a specific question about the book, I can try to help.

Yes i have ... does this novel fits in the post modernism features? Like 'pastiche' , 'metafiction', 'fragmentation' etc ? 

I must admit that I have never read this but upon closer research, postmodernism does not seem to be big feature in this book. Many people have a hard time coming up for a genre this book fits in. I'm sorry I can't be of more help to you. 

Oh it's ok, thank you for you effort !! I may be annoying... but have you any ideea of a postmodernism novel written by a britsh autor ??