Moby Dick

Why is it important that the whale is white?

why is the whale white and why is that important?

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White = purity.

i want to be a true member of the 'gradesaver'. for that what do i need to do?

whiteness is no doubtly the symbol of purity. but why cann't it save human beings from being darkened in the core of the heart as found in the great novella Heart of Darkness? what is the intenion of the novellist to show the failure of whiteness, that is, purity or the things holy?

6. Melville uses the White Whale to represent a number of things. It could mean God or nature or even vengeance. Ultimately, as you read the novel, you will be able to decipher a lot of clues about what the White Whale symbolizes. But at the end of the day, we will never really know the nature of the White Whale itself, especially since he turns up in only three of the 135 chapters of the book. What we can conclude however is what the whale symbolizes in the minds of the various characters and how they interpret the whale and thereby reflect on their own selves. You may want to check out for more insights into the usage of symbolism and imagery in <a href="">Moby Dick</a>.

I know this is an old post, but .... Could white be a symbol for evil? White not as purity but void and that the whale could be like a god that isn't good but indifferent.

White has come to symbolize purity. Of all of the characters -- men and beasts -- Moby Dick acts more true to its nature than does anyone else. It attacks man for invading its God-given sea. Its whiteness makes it an easy target in a sea of black just as God's omnipotence makes Him an easy target for those who refuse to believe that any Higher Power exists, for this would require man to acquiesce to the truth -- man is not the highest creature in the grand scheme of things. Man's hubris is laid bare by Melville, much like Shakespeare before him.

White is purity. You should know that Harry T.!