Moby Dick

What arrgument does the cook use to attempt to carry out stubbs order? What part of the sermon has meaning as a theme

chapter 64&65 moby dick

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Stubb feels a sense of good-natured excitement. About midnight the steak of the whale is cut and cooked. Stubb believes that the steak is overdone, and he orders the cook, Fleece, to make the crew behave more politely. Stubb questions Fleece about his origin, and he claims Roanoke country. He asks Fleece where he expects to go when he dies. Fleece says that he will go 'up there,' but Stubb tells him that he cannot expect to get into heaven by going the wrong way (he uses the metaphor of 'going to the main-top' of the ship to mean 'going to heaven').

Melville imbues even the simple conversations among the crew members with religious connotations, in this chapter demonstrated by the banter between Stubb and Fleece concerning where Fleece will go once he dies. This continues the dominant themes of the novel, including mortality and the use of the whale ship as a symbol of larger human experience.