Moby Dick

RANK this book!!

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rank Moby Dick?

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a low 7 - it is just not that good.

I did not like it very much. I give it a 5

Classic Transcendentalist work. Ahab seeks absolute truth, but such knowledge is beyond man, so he fails. The sea is a good metaphor for truth--looks pretty simple on the surface, but SO much lurks below. The whale is the color of death. Ahab sacrifices everything--even his crew's lives--to seek that whale. He is Transcendental mad.

The novel itself is awfully long and moves very slowly in parts, with all the descriptions. Even the film versions are pretty dry and dull at times. I would rank this novel 8 or 9.

Moby-Dick's exploration of transcendental ideals, enlightenment age ideology, and theology/metaphysics is as oceanic as the rolling plains Melville explores, and the book itself serves as a vessel for readers to explore their own thoughts on these issues. I rate the Moby-Dick a 10. I rate Grade Saver's analysis of the book a 1. Its author is a monomaniacal Ahab who should reread the chapter called the Doubloon and apply it to his or her self.

6.4 in my opinion - but Starbucks on the other hand, somebody over there bloody loved it! They named their whole franchise after the first mate. Little known fact :)

It is a very mysterious and ambiguos book which can not be solved at all. This is probably one of my first books, I know it is very hard. But with the help of sharing ideas with other people and really understanding some part of the message I get to change my way of thinking. This book can be interprated in ones prespective, but I think that is not what it should be. We have to be tolerant just like Ishmael treated Queequeg's culture. If someone says I dont like this book, I would think that they dont like think at all. This book does not tell the authors message, instead the reader is the one that has to interprate it. I would definitely give it 10.


Moby Dick