Moby Dick

Moby Dick symbolizes?

What does Moby Dick symbolize? Write on the various symbolic meanings of Moby Dick. Be sure to address the symbolism of his color, and its effect on those who pursue him.

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In Melville's book Moby Dick the actual whale is a sperm whale. He is large about 100 feet long. He is Captain Ahab's arch nemesis. The whale is snow white and has a wrinkled forehead. Moby Dick has several different representations. To the crew he is the real whale that they are trying to catch. Ahab is willing to risk all including their lives to capture the whale.

For Ahab the whale is the symbol of his opponent. He considers Moby evil. Ahab equates himself to god as he tries to destroy the whale. He can accept that he will not triumph over the evil. In truth the whiteness of the whale is the representation of goodness and it is Ahab whose obsessive nature becomes more the evident symbol of evil.


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