Mississippi Trial, 1955

What does R.C. do to Ronnie Remin?

charter 8

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R.C. frightened Ronnie. From the text:

I backed out the driveway and turned onto Cotton Street just as Ronnie Remington was crossing in front of us on his way to the courthouse. He moved slowly, his head down, oblivious to us. R.C. reached over and pounded the truck horn. Ronnie’s head snapped up, his eyes huge, and he stopped dead in the road in front of us like an old cow caught in the glare of a car’s headlights. R.C. honked the horn twice more, then leaned out his window, pounded the side of the door with his arm, and yelled, “Move your fat ass, you old queer!” Ronnie looked terrified when he recognized R.C., and he wobbled as quickly as he could to the sidewalk while R.C. whooped and catcalled. Ronnie stood frozen and pale as we drove past, and R.C. laughed like a crazy man.

Crowe, Chris. Mississippi Trial, 1955 (p. 82). Penguin Young Readers Group. Kindle Edition.