A Midsummer Night's Dream

What blocks hermia and lysander's relationship?

How do they plan to circumvent these obstructions?

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Oberon witnesses Helena and Demetrius walking through the forest. Helena is throwing herself at Demetrius but he only wants Helena to get lost (mostly because he is in love with Hermia) Oberon figures that Demetrius needs a good squirting of love juice  and the two will be in love. So, Oberon instructs the Puck to find a man dressed in Athenian clothing and dispense the juice. Puck, of course, finds the wrong couple sleeping. He dumps the love juice in Lysander's eyes. Helena comes stumbling in and presto we have love and one hell of a mix up. Can Hermia and Lysander resurrect their love? Well, this is a comedy so in the end, the lovers get things sorted out.