A Midsummer Night's Dream

How is humor revealed in act 3?

What can be viewed as humorous in act 3?

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Act 3 scene one has a lot of humour in it. The rustics and artisans provide a comic relief to whatever tension exists in this play. Here they start to rehearse the play, with the puck eavesdropping in the background. Each of the actors makes several word mistakes, giving the phrases completely different meanings. The puck leaves when Bottom goes offstage, and reappears with Bottom, who now wears an asses head which the puck put on him. Bottom is blissfully unaware that he is transformed into an ass, and humorously asks the others why they run away from him. In another part of the forrest the whole romance situation is a mess. Hermia is convinced that Demetrius has killed Lysander in his sleep, and in her fury she curses Demetrius for his actions. She finally storms away, leaving Demetrius to fall asleep in front of Oberon. Oberon is furious with the spectacle Robin has created. For the audience, this provides much humour.