A Midsummer Night's Dream

an essay base on the theme of conflict in whole play in midsummer night dream ?

examples of conflicts with analysis and explanation both human and fairies

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Sorry, this is a short answer forum. If you need specific information, feel free to ask. Many of the conflicts in the story are gender related and spurred on by familial or romantic tensions. Fairies...... they of course run interference; the magic makes it fun.

one conflict identified by Joidean in the fairy world was when Titania and Oberon were having various arguments about the orphan Titania took care of. Oberon wanted him to be his house boy or commonly known as servant. Titania disagreed.

In the human world with lysander and hermia, hermia's father egeus wanted her to marry lysander. she refused. hermia was a out spoken young lady,she stood against even those who were in authority..people who had rights and the power to do whatever they wanted. she was very determine. there were rules in athens,rules which displayed that the women had no power to speak.the men were the rulers in these times. hermia had the choice:to become a nun, marry lysander which her dad instructed her to do or suffer the penalty of death.