analyse kinds of love in metamorphoses 3&4

Among gods and mortels


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Zimmerman's Metamorphoses examines the causes of change in human beings. In other words, what can make a person become something completely different? The most prevalent cause throughout Metamorphoses is love:

The rich and powerful Midas becomes a humble pilgrim traveling to the ends of the world out of love for his daughter;

Alcyone and Ceyx are transformed into seabirds because of their love for each other;

Baucis and Philemon are turned to trees at the moment of their death so that neither must live without the other.

At the same time, Metamorphoses warns of what happens when love is ignored.

When Erysichthon cuts down a sacred tree, showing that he loves only himself and not the gods, he is transformed into a man consumed by hunger, until he eventually consumes himself.

When the beautiful Myrrha scorns the love of her suitors, the goddess Aphrodite curses her to love her father, causing her to sleep with him in disguise. When she is discovered, she flees to the wilderness, where the gods transform her into tears.[32]

The central idea of Metamorphoses can be defined as the changing power of love. Mary Zimmerman herself stated that "[Metamorphoses] makes it easy to enter the heart and to believe in greater change as well... that we all can transform."[33]