Merchant of Venice

Why can't Shylock take the money now and leave (4.1.335-336)? What additional problem with the law does Shylock have at 4.1.363-377? Why does this law against an "alien" apply to Shylock?

Occurs In Act #4 Scene #1

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Portia tells Shylock to remain in the court. She says that Venice has a further law which says that if any foreigner tries to kill a Venetian, the foreigner will have half of his property go to the Venetian against whom he plotted, and the state will receive the other half. In addition, the life of the foreigner will be in the hands of the Duke, who may decide to do whatever he wants to. Shylock is forced to kneel on the ground before the court, but the Duke pardons his life before he can beg for mercy. You can check more out at the GradeSaver link below: