Merchant of Venice

What are the anti-jewish actions in the play?

Since the play also involves the two different religious groups,what are the actions in the first scene of the fourth act that highlight certain anti-jewish aspects. Kindly expedite.

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Shylock is portrayed as a stereotypical Jew who wants his bond and vengeance despite being reasoned with. Bassanio comes forward and offers Shylock the six thousand ducats as repayment for the loan. Shylock tells him that even if there were six times as much money offered to him, he would not take it. The Duke asks Shylock, "How shalt thou hope for mercy, rend'ring none?" (4.1.87). Shylock responds that he is doing nothing wrong, and compares his contract with Antonio to the Christian slave trade. He tells the Duke that he does not demand that the Christians should free their slaves, and therefore the Christians should not demand that he free Antonio.