Merchant of Venice

portia's character with mercy---please help a.s.a.p!!

In the Merchant of Venice, how accurate is it to say that Portia was shown little mercy by the community?

my evidence will be that portia shows filial piety only because she knows that the community will not show her any mercy if she choose not to do so. from jessica's example where she is never fully accepted by the christians even though she rebelled against a jew and this just showed filial piety was held in high regard. (conversation with Lancelot) therefore portia was smart enough to keep to her father's will on the surface (she does ask Nerissa to do all sorts of things) however, this deprived her the right to choice (she complains about it) and resulted in an insecure character. all these resulted as a result of society showing little mercy to her.

This is for a literature essay test. Will the marker say that I am making baseless statements or I am reading too much into the text? Thanks for your help!

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I think that you might be reading into the text a little too deeply. But I do agree with the fact that Portia might be misunderstood by her community. It sounds like a good paper. Good luck!