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i am working on a project at the moment. I am looking to see how texts in museum exhibits are written. For example, would this work? btw by "text" i mean like the "caption" of an artifact or a picture in a museum. Ex.: The artifact above represents ____. And would it be okay if you write what happens in a story, if the artifact is related to that story? please give me as much details as possible. it wolud be better if you write like an example, so that i could get an idea. Thank-you very much.

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I have never written for museums but I have seen plenty of exhibits. Any description of an exhibit can't be too wordy. Most people will not stand there and read for too long. So say, for example, you are describing a totem pole from the Haida Indians. You might say,

"This particular pole represents the power of the Beaver as depicted in The Moon Tale, note the position of the Beaver carving second only to the Eagle."

(the above isn't accurate by the way"

People like to see the item with a minimal of words. Make sure you cover only the absolute vital information for people to appreciate the item. Hope this helps a little. E-back if you need more help.

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