Merchant of Venice

Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 6 question answers?

1) I Jessica right to be ashamed? (full answer please?)

2) Having stolen her own dowry from her father's treasury, she plunders more of his wealth before she elopes. What do you think of her conduct here? (full answer please)

3) Does this scene raise questions about the true nature of Lorenzo's love for Jessica?

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Yes, although Shylock is harsh on Jessica, she should feel ashamed that she is destroying her father in one fell swoop. The full answer can be seen at:

Like I said, Jessica had not had an easy time with Shylock. He locked her up and hoarded her like his other treasures. Still, he did love her. Jessica's betrayal was too harsh. She gave her father no chance to make amends or change his ways. She really destroyed him at one time.

I think Lorenzo's love was always in question. He demanded much of her that had little to nothing to do with love. He wanted her conversion, her father's wealth and the punishment of her father. His motives for "love" can truly be questioned.

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