Merchant of Venice

Directing the court scene.

1)How would you prepare the stage if you were the director? what props would you put to create drama,tension and seriousness in the court scene?(full answer paragraph)

2)As the director of this play, how would you use the language in this scene? in what way would you direct the actors to how to use the language to create drama,seriousness and tension?(full paragraph answer)

3)As the director of this scene, how would you direct the actor of Shylock? Explain how would you tell him what gesture,the tone of voice to create drama and tension.(full paragraph answer)

(if you would kindly answer this question properly as this is my practice for my Junior Cert state exam?)

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This is a short answer literature forum. If you have specific questions about the text, I'll be more than happy to help. Unfortunately, I have no experience in set direction.