Merchant of Venice

Can you explain this in an understandable English sentences?


Can you please explain each sentence and word in English sentences so I can grab the meaning:

Thou wilt not only loose the forfeiture,

But, touch'd with human gentleness and love,

Forgive a moiety of the principal;

Glancing an eye of pity on his losses,

That have of late so huddled on his back,

Enow to press a royal merchant down,

And pluck commiseration of his state

From brassy bosoms and rough hearts of flint,

From stubborn Turks and Tartars, never train'd

To offices of tender courtesy.

We all expect a gentle answer, Jew.

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And even though you’re here to collect the penalty—a pound of this poor merchant’s flesh—they think you’ll not only let it go, but out of humanity and love you’ll forgive some portion of the principal he owes you too. In doing so you’ll be taking pity on him for his many recent losses, which have been large enough to send even the greatest merchant out of business, and make even the most hard-hearted Turk or Tartar feel sorry for him. What do you say? We all expect a nice answer from you, Jew.


Oh thank you very much for your quick help, and thank you for the source you gave me too, I am going to use that.