Merchant of Venice

Act IV

How portia in act IV prove that she is wise , adorable and can change the fate of one struck with misery ?

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Portia dresses as a man, represents Antonio. She then pretends to support Shylock, and allows him to approach Antonio with the knife.... quickly asking where the surgeon is, and even quicker to point out that in taking the pound of flesh, he cannot shed blood. To do so would create another problem.... the loss of Shylock's goods and land. Shylock gives in and tries to accept the money, but Portia will not allow it. She mentions the weight of Shylocks "pound of flesh", citing the repurcussions if he takes too little or too much..... the death sentence that will hang over Shylock's head with the smallest mistake. In the end, Shylock withdraws his request... closes the case. But Portia won't allow it to end.... half of Shylock's property will go to Antonio, the other half to the state.


The Merchant of Venice