What efforts does Medea makes to discover herself in the face of the demands of the world?

If there is more than one effort. Can you please explain all of them to me. Thank you very much

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Princess of Colchis. Wife of Jason. Barbarian, sorceress, woman of passion and rage. Clever, powerful, and ruthless, Medea enabled Jason to complete his quest for the Golden Fleece. For his sake, she murdered her own brother; because of this act, she can never return home. Now, in Corinth, she has been betrayed by Jason, and she refuses to suffer in silence. She is fiercely proud, unwilling to allow her enemies to have any kind of victory; she murders her own children in part because she cannot bear the thought of seeing them hurt by an enemy. She is also a cunning and cold manipulator: she sees through the false pieties and hypocritical values of her enemies, and uses their own moral bankruptcy against them. Her revenge is total, but it comes at the cost of everything she holds dear.