English WL2 - Compassion in Medea and the evil it can cause

I have chosen this for my WL2 (IB) only because the others I came up with were already taken. I've been trying to figure out in which cases compassion in Medea can cause evil, and I really can't find any examples, except for compassion,with no reference to the evil it can cause. I really appreciate if someone could help me out on this.

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First, you could consider Medea's compassion for Jason in helping him with the Fleece (all backstory to the play). Of course, as he argues, it was deep love that forced her to help him (and that put on her by a god), but nevertheless she felt for his quest and helped him, which started her down a spiral that would make her a murderer and betrayer of her family to help him. This initial act ends up causing, through its ripples, great evil in the murder of her children. Creon's compassion for Medea, allowing her one extra day, allows her to start her plan that takes his and his daughter's lives.