Measure for Measure

The Duke never suffers

My biggest problem with Measure for Measure is that all of the characters get what they deserve except for the Duke. He merely snags Isabella, out of a convent no less (thus forcing her to break her vows), and never gets punished for manipulating everyone around him.

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I'm confused; Angelo is the bad guy in this tale. The deputy trounces on everyone and is later spared by their benevolence.


Measure for measure

Angelo,Lucio and Claudio are a personification of the law hence answering the part of isabela-she had gone to the nunery so that she can be protected from the wicked state of VIENNA hence the duke had the same qualities to be a perfect love match for isabela so the duke suffers more so the he can show his people how he felt about them although he seem to be docile to impose harsh laws henceforth,his mercyful judgement proves them all


measure for measure