Why does Vladek throw away Art’s coat? What would you have done if you were Art?


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There is a disconnect between father and son. Art seems to be more interested in documenting this project rather than listening to what his father is experiencing now. I think Vladek feels impotent in his relationship with his son. He throws Art's coat away under the pre tense that it is shoddy. I think he merely wants his son's attention. Art should actually listen to his father's present rather than only his past.

It’s because Artie’s coat isn’t warm enough. Yes, it’s a coat that is in good condition but VLadek claims isn’t warm enough. Artie is a grown man...why does his father care so much? This is because Vladek is preparing for another holocost. He wants his son to have the best coat and best recourses if they go through another holocost.