Why did Anja finally consent to send Richlieu away? Was his death "better" than the fate of the children depicted on page 108? why?


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After being moved to a ghetto, Vladek, Anja, and their family are taken to Dienst Stadium, where Vladek’s father, sister, and his sister’s children are all deported to the camps. Vladek, Anja, and other members of their family are sent with the rest of Sosnowiec’s Jews to Srodula. Vladek and Anja send their son, Richieu, to stay with a relative in another Polish town for safekeeping, but they find out later that the Jews there are also deported to the camps.


Oh...... Richieu is given poison. I don't know if that's a better death, but it's certainly less tortuous.

Read the book yourself you lazy bum! It's a comic book for chrissakes!