What are 10 facts in Maus 2?

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THere are many but here are 10 THey are kind of random.

Vladek, who has just had a heart attack. But when Art gets on the phone, he discovers that Vladek had lied to get him on the phone. What really happened? Mala had finally left, taking some of their savings with her.

A priest walks up to him and looks at his numbers. He explains to Vladek that his prison number is numerologically quite lucky in the Jewish tradition.

Vladek died of heart failure on August 18, 1982.

The scene from the Catskills described in Chapter 1 takes place in August, 1979.

Vladek was a tinsmith in Auschwitz in the spring of 1944.

Art started the page we’re reading now in February, 1987.

In May, 1987, Art and Françoise are expecting a baby.

Between May 16, 1944 and May 24, 1944, over 100,000 Hungarian Jews were gassed in Auschwitz.

In September, 1986, Maus I was published, and was phenomenally successful.

In May, 1968, his mother committed suicide.