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Who are the characters that you have been introduced to so far? What is the setting? What conflict is driving the action? After examining the exposition, make a prediction. Where do you think the conflict will take this story? What do you predict will be the climax of this story?

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You need to tell me what book you are on and at what spot!

oh i thought i put it Maus by Art Spiegleman and the beginning

Setting-Central Europe, 1900s-1940s; Auschwitz, 1944-45; New York and Florida, 1970s-1980s

For Characters go to

Predictions- I have read this many times but if I had not I would speculate any story about the holocaust would be savage, sad and perhaps a testament to the human instinct for survival.

thanks so much what conflict is driving the action?

The Nazi occupation of Eastern Europe and policy of ethnic cleansing of Jews.

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could you also answer this???Please create a narrative poem about the war that provides the background setting for maus Be sure to include a simile and a metaphor.