Maus chapter 1 vol. 2

Vladek is very intelligent, brave,
and inventive. Time after time, he saves himself and others by his actions. He goes
hungry in order to save something to barter with, he trades wisely, he learns every new
skill he can, and he is always alert to and quick to grab any chance to improve his
existence. He does not live by his wits alone, however. He also experiences a certain
amount of good luck or favorable coincidence. Oprah Winfrey once said, “Luck is
when preparation meets opportunity.” Explain how this quote proves true in
Vladek’s case. Use examples from the text to strengthen your

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Resourcefulness and luck contributed to Vladek's survival in WW2. Vladek spoke a variety of languages; English, Polish, German, and Yiddish. This knowledge helped contribute to his and Anja's survival in a few different situations. When they were captured for trying to escape to Hungary, Vladek assisted a man in writing letters to his family. The letters had to be written in German, and the man did not know how to speak German. In return, the man shared his food packages with Vladek. Thus, the man got his letters and Vladek wasn't hungry. When he was in Auschwitz, Vladek taught his block supervisor by teaching him another language. Because of this, the supervisor protected him from being sent to the gas chambers.