maus 8 chapter questions

What information do we get at the beginning of Chapter Two? How are history and the present intertwined here?How is Art pictured? How is his room pictured? Other people?

Discuss Art's meeting with his psychiatrist. What ideas and attitudes are expressed here?

Why does he call Art the "real survivor"?

The psychiatrist questions the point about all of the books written about the Holocaust, since people haven't changed. He even suggests that people may need a bigger, newer Holocaust. What does he mean, and do you agree?

At the beginning, what is Vladek's life like in Auschwitz? How does he get Yidl to treat him well?

How does he make contact with Anja? How is Anja managing?

Discuss Vladek's survival skills in this chapter. For example, how does he fix the Gestapo soldier's boot? How does he get Anja assigned to the new barracks?

Write about the description of the crematoriums and cremation pits.

Art asks his father why the Jews didn't try to resist. How does Vladek respond?

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Which book are you referring to? There is not a chapter 8 in either book. You also need to submit your questions one at a time.

Okay, I think you are in book 2 here. Just submit each question separately and I'll get to them.