maus 7 chapter questions

What insights do we gain in this chapter about the issues confronting the children of Holocaust survivors?

What does Art think about his, or anyone's, attempt to depict the Holocaust?

Why does Art say to Francoise, "in real life you'd never have let me talk this long"?

What has happened to Mala? How does Vladek react?

Francoise comments, "Maybe Auschwitz made him like that." Does Art agree? Do you?

What happens when they get to Auschwitz? Whom do Vladek and Mandelbaum meet there and what do they learn?

What does the priest tell Vladek about his tattoo number?

What arrangement does Vladek make with the barrack's Kapo? How does this help him?

What happens to Mandelbaum? What does Vladek speculate?

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Are you referring to book one or two? Also, you will need to submit each question separately.