have anyone ever read MAUS?

if yes, what do you think about how Art Spiegelman deliver the story?

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Yes, I recently bought both books. I first read it back in 1991 at university. It was my first foray into graphic novels. I think Spiegelman delivers his story which such strong symbolism that you kind of forget they are mice, cat, pig....people. The text and the characters lend themselves so well teach other. It is so real and heartbreaking.

thanks. btw, what do you think about Spiegelman showing his father saving things behavior?

Yeah, he's kind of a hoarder. Spiegelman seems to be playing off certain Jewish stereotypes. I think Vladek is, in the end, just really sad. He is a flawed character and has so many regrets that he hangs onto things almost like he can one day fix the things he had done. It's pretty interesting stuff for sure.