Compare the events in Maus and the boy in the striped pyjamas.

also look at the relationship between art and vladek and bruno and ralph father/son

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I can't write your essay for you but I can give you some ideas.

The setting and themes are both similar and different. Of course we are dealing with the holocaust in both stories. There is a slight variation with settings in Maus (Poland, Hungary, Germany). Of course Maus is a graphic novel heavy with symbolism,metaphor and allusion. Maus is more an artistic piece meant to reflect a historical event. The Boy in Striped Pyjamas is fictional story heavily influenced by accounts of the holocaust. Art and Vladek share a strained relationship. As Art is grown, they share a history that was difficult at best. There are layers of guilt and blame in their relationship. Bruno is under his father's control. Unlike Art and Vladek, Bruno and his father operate on a much simpler context. Bruno must follow his father's lead and their is much kept from Bruno. Bruno is a boy with little control in this relationship where as Art is looking at the end of a strained relationship as Vladek is very old. Vladek and Art are looking at the story in retrospect while Bruno and his father live in the present.