7. What is a Kapo, and how does Vladek build up a relationship with his Kapo? How does Vladek benefit from this??


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Vladek's Kapo

A "kapo" is a Polish supervisor at a concentration camp. Soon after Vladek arrives at Auschwitz, Vladek's kapo asks the Jews in the barracks if anyone there can speak English. Vladek volunteers, and the kapo takes him on as a tutor. He keeps Vladek safe in the quarantine block for as long as he can, and he provides him with extra food and clothing. Ultimately, Vladek must start working, and the kapo helps Vladek find work as a tinsmith, since skilled laborers get better treatment.


"Kapos" weren´t Polish supervisors in german concentration camps. They were simply supervisors made up of prisoners from the camp so in the case of Auschwitz many if not most of the "Kapos" would be jewish. It´s this type of historical inacuracies.. many times deliberate lies that frustrate me. Read something else than just Maus and learn about the truth.