5. Do you think Mrs. Motonowa is justified in throwing out Vladek and Anja? Explain.


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Under the circumstances yes, but she does take them back!

Vladek befriends Mrs. Motonowa at the Sosnowiec black market after the liquidation of Srodula, and she offers to hide him and Anja at her farm, with her seven-year-old son. She is a kind woman, and the house is comfortable, except for a ten-day period in which Mrs. Motonowa's husband returns home from Germany on vacation, and they are forced to stay in the basement. One evening, she is searched by the Gestapo in the black market, and she becomes worried that they will return to search her house. Terrified, she forces the Spiegelmans to leave. A few days later, however, Vladek sees her again at the black market. She feels terrible about kicking them out, and the Spiegelmans return to live with her again. After Vladek and Anja attempt to escape to Hungary, she shelters Miloch and his family for the remainder of the war.