Describe one of Matilda's tricks.

Complete and Summarized answers.

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In one of the novel's scenes, Matilda uses the power of the mind to pick up a piece of chalk and write on the blackboard. Needless to say, Ms. Trunchbull goes into a frenzy and faints. Matilda was elated by her actions and the ease with which she performed them.

She was feeling curiously elated. She felt as though she had touched something that was not quite of this world, the highest point of the heavens, the farthest star. She had felt most wonderfully the power surging up behind her eyes, gushing like a warm fluid inside her skull, and her eyes had became scorching hot, hotter than ever before, and things had come bursting out of her eye-sockets and then the piece of chalk had lifted itself up and had begun to write. It seemed as though she had hardly done anything, it had been so simple.