Master Harold... And the Boys

what is the reason why Hally does not want his father to come home right away?

Master harold and the boys

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He doesnt want to go back to the lifestyle of looking after his drunk father and listening to the parents fighting


his dad being an alcoholic and steeling money out the till

the till? the till matthew?

The visual design of the series is decent but it lacks anything really strong to set it apart. It used to be that OVAs would have the higher budget and more detailed look to pull in people but Angel's Feather is fairly basic in its designs and at times looks worse than some TV series out there. The character designs are all average and typical while the animation itself is decent but has a plastic-like feel to it. This is most evident in the far too numerous shower scenes in which it really feels poorly layered. It was far too reminiscent of some of the truly awful early digital hentai releases in which they were so bright that they stood out more than they should have.