Master Harold... And the Boys

Name two props that are required.

Two props

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Books: Hally is studying

Telephone: Hally's mother calls him at the Tea Room

Other props included in the text:

Tables and chairs have been cleared and are stacked on one side except for one which stands apart with a single chair. On this table a knife, fork, spoon and side plate in anticipation of a simple meal, together with a pile of comic books.

Other elements: a serving counter with a few stale cakes under glass and a not very impressive display of sweets, cigarettes and cool drinks, etc.; a few cardboard advertising handouts - Cadbury's Chocolate, CocaCola - and a blackboard on which an untrained hand has chalked up the prices of Tea, Coffee, Scones, Milkshakes - all flavors - and Cool Drinks; a few sad ferns in pots; a telephone; an old-style jukebox.


Master Harold... And the Boys