Mansfield Park

How does Mrs Norris act when sir Thomas is away?

This question is from chapter 1

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Sir Thomas' financial difficulties continue to worsen, and he leaves for the Caribbean island of Antigua to oversee his plantation. He takes with him his son and heir, Tom Bertram, whose over-spending is at the root of his troubles. The atmosphere at Mansfield Park becomes much more relaxed in the absence of the strict Sir Thomas. Fanny feels bad because she doesn't feel sad that he is gone. During his absence, Maria Bertram becomes engaged to Mr. Rushworth, a wealthy (if boring) neighbor. In addition, Mrs. Grant's younger, wealthy half-brother Henry Crawford and her beautiful half-sister Mary Crawford arrive at the parsonage for an extended visit. While the Bertram girls make socials calls and attend balls, the shy and retiring Fanny becomes Lady Bertram's companion. Fanny's sole joy in life is her cousin Edmund, who insists that she have a horse to ride for her health.