Mansfield Park

how does jane austen make the reader sympathise with fanny in the given passage

fanny looked small for her age compared to her cousins who looked older for their age even though they were only a or 2 older than her which created a difference between them

fanny was afraid ashamed of herself and wanted to go back home to hamptom where she had come from and fanny avoided talking to anyone since she was afraid of crying

ms norris had been rambling about how she was very fortunate to move in with the bertrums and that made fanny feel worse since she didnt feel happy at all. in fact she felt miserable. ms norris also told her to stay on her best behaviour. but she he day ended up crying at the end of the day because of sir bertrums grave looks and ms bertrums silence even though she recieved a smile from her earlier, this decsended her expectations of ms bertrum

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Fanny feels self-conscious of her small physical stature compared to her cousins. Fanny did not feel happy with the Bertrums even though Ms. Norris said she should feel happy. We can sympathize with Fanny's sense of isolation and loneliness at such a young age.