Mansfield Park

describe the relationship between edmund and fanny,edmund and mary crawford.

the answer should be from volume 2 chapter 7-9.

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Edmund is in love with Mary. His relationship with Fanny is like that of an older brother.... although, he does marry her in the end.

Edmund,Fanny and Mary are in a love triangle. As Fanny likes Emund but Emund likes Mary and she likes him back. There are countless number of occassion where he chooses Mary over Fanny e.g. when she wishes to learn to ride he allows her to ride upon Fanny's mare without asking for her permission. This leaves Fanny to be waiting for her turn to be riding her own Mare which Edmund traded his own horse for. She also notices that he spends much time at the Parsonage every morning later on learning that it is because he listens to Mary playing the harp.


Mansfield Park