Maniac Magee

The fact that Maniac lies down to take a nap contributes to the plot by ?

I feel like he is either bored or does not care about the not in his head

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Maniac lays down to take a nap in order to clear his head so that he can prepare himself for what comes next.

After polishing off the Krimpets, Maniac did the last thing anybody expected: he lay down and took a nap right there on the
table, the knot hanging above him like a small hairy planet, the mob buzzing all around him. Maniac knew what the rest of
them didn't: the hardest part was yet to come. He had to find the right routes to untangle the mess, or it would just close up again like a rock and probably stay that way forever. He would need the couch of a surgeon, the alertness of an owl, the cunning of three foxes, and the foresight of a grand master in chess. To accomplish that, he needed to clear his head, to flush away all distraction, especially the memory of the butterscotch Krimpets, which had already hooked him.


Maniac Magee