What are the values and attitudes shown in Maestro

Hi can you please give me some example of vaules shown in maestro that affected the attitudes of the characters and how it position the audeience to feel about this? Thank you

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Paul's piano studies are a quest for perfection. This is partly motivated by Paul's father's wish that his son become a much better musician than he was. It is also motivated by Keller's desire to train Paul as he would have his son, to teach him to be the best and avoid his own mistakes. Moreover, most notably, Paul strives for perfection for himself. He trains intensely with Keller and does not want to give up even when his parents have conceited that their son will be a great musician. He gives up his study of law to focus again on piano, and becomes cocky in his talents. He embarks on his two years of traveling and competing in hopes of proving himself the perfect pianist. Nevertheless, Paul ultimately falls short in his quest for perfection. He achieves mediocre results in the competition, and instead of becoming a concert pianist, he becomes a piano teacher at a middle-rate school. As Keller said, the difference between a good pianist and a great pianist is very little, and Paul is unable to achieve that extra little. At the end of the novel, Paul realizes that Keller was a much better pianist than he will ever be. He describes his quest for perfection by saying that Keller revealed perfection to him, and at the same time snatched it away.