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1967      Describe Paul's first meeting with Keller.     Describe Keller's physical appearance.      How did Keller teach music?       Why was Paul disappointed with his first lesson with Keller?      How did the family feel about living in Darwin?      Was Paul under pressure from his parents to learn music?      Paul calls Keller a "Nazi". Why?      How did Paul see his parents?    ==========================================   Darwin 1967      How well did Paul get on at Darwin High School?      Why was Paul not allowed to play Chopin?       Describe the regular musical soirees run by Paul's parents.       What was the gossip about Keller?      How did Paul react to Keller's comments about perfection?      What clues and insights was Paul picking up about Keller's possible past?      Every detail Paul told his parents was the starting point for their research into Keller's life. What was motivating them to do this?      Where did the praise for Paul's musical talent come from?      Why was Keller silent about Paul's talent?      Describe Keller's behaviour at the special dinner provided by Paul's parents.      From what has been shown so far, what sort of a person did Keller appear to be?      Explain the apparent effect of the wet season.    ==========================================   Intermezzo      Describe the family's trip to Adelaide.      What was the significance of Keller's letter?      Why were Paul's parents excited about the gift Keller sent?     What did further research reveal about Keller's background?      Explain how Paul was changing and growing up.      What is the significance of the title of this section?      How did the findings about Keller and his wife explain the sort of person he was? Explain.    ==========================================   1968      Describe the friendship between Rosie and Paul.      How did Keller describe Vienna?      What was in Keller's scrapbooks?      Why do you think Keller focused on tragedy?      How did Paul and Rosie's relationship begin to change?      Why did Keller have to be taken away at the concert after hearing Wagner's music?      Explain the importance of Paul helping the rock band.      How was Paul now perceived differently by his peers?      What had been disappointing about Meagan?      Why did Paul go straight to Rosie and tell her he loved her?      How did Meagan and Rosie differ?      What did Paul really feel about being in the rock band? Why did he continue?      In what ways were Paul and Keller similar?      What did Paul really understand of Keller and his past?      Why did Keller develop conflicting and painful associations with music?     ==========================================   Adelaide      How did Keller react to the news about Paul going to Adelaide?      What did Keller think of rock music?      Explain the significance of Keller's tattoo.      How did Paul fare at the piano competition?      What did Keller hint at about Paul's musical future? Was it what the others wanted to hear?      How had Paul reminded Keller of his lost son?      Explain the significance of this.      Discuss Keller's moment of sharing and opening up his life to Paul.      How had Paul behaved? Why?      Explain how Paul saw himself as a pianist.      What fuels this self-image?    ==========================================   1974      At University, Paul chose music over law. Why?      Describe life for him there.      Why was Paul devastated by Keller's letter and musical critique?      What did this highlight about his ambitions?      Paul had to choose between Melbourne and Darwin. What did the two places offer, and why did he choose Melbourne?      Why was Paul angry and frustrated?      How had Keller survived Cyclone Tracey?      What did it symbolize?    ==========================================   Vienna, 1975      What was Paul doing in Vienna, Austria?      Describe Paul's reactions to Vienna.      In his research, what news shocked Paul?      Who did Paul seek out for information?    ==========================================   1977      As an adult, how had Paul turned out?      What happened to his musical aspirations?      In what way was the hospice letter a catalyst for Paul?      What had become of the Maestro?      How had Darwin changed in Paul's eyes?      Why did Paul need to speak to someone after Keller's death?      How did Paul feel now that Keller had died?      What else had died the day Keller died?      Did Paul have any regrets? Explain. 
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