WHO said: "what's more to do,/ which would be planted newly with the time,/ as calling home our exiled friends abroad/ that fled the snares of watchful tyranny; producing forth the cruel ministers/ (rest in details)

..."of this dead butcher and fiend-like queen,/ who, as 'tus thought, by self and violent hands/ took off her life" WHO said it and WHAT does it means?

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Malcolm says this at the end of the play as he is restored to his rightful place as the heir to the throne of Scotland. He is giving some summary of what has happened in the play up until this point. The butcher is Macbeth; the fiend-like queen is Lady Macbeth.

This is said by Malcolm at the end of the play. He says that, now that Macbeth is dead, there is a new era fro Scotland. He is now king and they will call their exiled friends back to Scotland. He also takes a moment to curse Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. He mentions that L. Macbeth took her own life.