Who do you think is more responsible for Banquo's death?

Lady Macbeth for turning Macbeth into a murderer or Macbeth for taking it way to far?

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Based upon the fact that we are all ultimately responsible for our own actions, I have to give Macbeth the credit for being the most blameworthy for Banquo's death. Lady Macbeth, of course, exerted a tremendous amount of influence over her husband's actions. She esmasculated him time and time again, in an effort to promote her own desires. None-the-less, his actions were his own. 



The question of responsibility in Macbeth is an interesting one, but it is difficult to say for sure who has "more" responsibility for Banquo's death. Both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth seem to feed off of one another's ambition. This is true even to the extent that they pick each other up for immediate tasks at hand--not least of which ultimately involves Banquo's death. Certainly both characters share blame for their mutually enriching senses of ambition and lust for power.